Welcome to the

Elche Children’s

Care Home Charity

About the Charity

The Elche Children’s Care Home charity was founded to provide funding for the Baix Vinalopo Children’s Centre in Elche.

The Fundacion Arcos de Castillos is contracted by the Spanish Government to run the Home and provide funding for the day-to-day running of the Home such at utilities and staff wages, but their funding is very limited.

The ECCH is a registered charity managed entirely by unpaid volunteers which raises money to supplement the needs of the children and provide the things that the Home would not otherwise be able to afford.

Every cent donated is spent directly on the everyday needs of the children. For example, school books, clothing, after school activities, training courses, birthday and Christmas gifts and excursions and activities during the school holidays.

Your donations also help us to provide vocational training and course books and equipment for 16-18 year olds to prepare them for when they legally have to leave the security of the home at age 18.

The Director and care-workers who take care of the children work closely with the ECCH to make sure that every opportunity is provided for these young people to lead a happy, fulfilling life both whilst living in the home and when they either return to their families or go to live in the big wide world on their own.

The staff very much appreciate the donations received from our supporters and are very aware that they would not be able to do many things for the children without that support.

The children are also aware of the work the charity does for them and not only appreciate the donations but knowing that people care makes them feel loved – which is priceless.

Help with a Donation

Your donation will continue to provide a stable home, 24/7 professional care, and support to the children.

Please help us to help these young people by donating what you can.

How your money helps


The children make lifelong friends, and are encouraged with team building activities.


Elche Children's Care Home provides a stable life for the children.


Elche Children's Care Home demonstrates great structure and organisation for the children.

Life Skills

The team at the care home teaches the children various skills to prepare them for the future.

ECCH Christmas Video

Every Christmas Alicante Studios create a Christmas Video to help
increase the awareness of ECCH.

All the Committee Members, Sponsors and Volunteers are welcome to join
in and appear on the video.

Come and enjoy a festive drink at the Studios and meet everyone
involved in the Charity and feature in next years video.