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Thankyou Alicante Studios

Alicante Studios ECCH new website

Thankyou Alicante Studios

Thankyou Alicante Studios

On behalf of the children at Elche Children’s Care Home and the ECCH Charity.

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Alicante Studios for their charitable work in creating our new branding and website, and for continuing to contribute to the Elche Children’s Care Home, by maintaining the website and managing our Social Media activities.

All of which are essential and necessary in building the presence of the charity’s brand and public awareness of the work we do.

The ECCH Charity can only continue with financial support to Elche Children’s Care Home, by receiving the charitable contribution from people in the comunitity and the numerous companies, who are so generous with their time and support for the children of Elche Children’s Care Home.

ECCH New Logo by Alicante Studios

ECCH new Branding by Alicante Studios

Alicante Studios ECCH new branding