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Party In The Plaza

Party In The Plaza

It was one big party in Villa Martin plaza last Saturday.   A host of entertainers gave their time to entertain the crowds and raise money for the Elche Children’s Care Home and Little Pods charities.

Organised by our loyal supporter Stevie Spit together withVilla Martin president Casey Shaddock, the event was a real show-stopper.   The place was heaving all day through to the early evening and as usual everyone was  extremely generous.   When the total monies raised came to a staggering €5,450 we were absolutely delighted, but Stevie wasn’t going to stop there.   He had set his target at €6,000 and he was determined to reach it – AND HE DID!!  An amazing €6,000 was raised to be split between the two charities.   So we would like to say a very big thank you to Steve, Casey, the entertainers and everybody else who gave their time to help our charities.

I’d also like to thank ECCH volunteers Jenny & Roger who worked tirelessly all day, plus Sue, Alan and Vanessa – without whom we would not be able to attend these events.

Pictured are Stevie, Roger & Jenny, and Casey.

Well done to everyone!