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About Us

Making the Difference

Due to the financial crisis the Spanish Central Government withdrew all financial support to the Home. The Fundacion Arcos de Castillos provides funding for the day-to-day running of the Home such at utilities and staff wages, but the ECCH Charity provides for all the extra needs of the children such as clothing, school books, after school activities, toiletries, birthday and Christmas presents and so much more. The Charity is managed entirely from unpaid volunteers who are devoted to the Home and Children. Our funding makes a meaningful difference. It is more important than ever before, that with your help, we keep on raising the funds to enable our children to continue to have a safe, happy, stable life at Elche Children’s Care Home.


How to help

Maintaining the children’s home and giving the children the level of support that they deserve is an expensive and difficult task as we rely solely on help & generosity of others. There are many ways you can help the children of Elche.

Volunteer – Your own time is just as valuable as your money.
Fundraise – Organise local events to raise money & awareness.
Donate – Even a small donation goes a long way to helping the children.

How your money helps


Elche Children's Care Home provides a stable life for the children.


The children make lifelong friends, and are encouraged with team building activities.

Life Skills

The team at the care home teaches the children various skills to prepare them for the future.


Elche Children's Care Home demonstrates great structure and organisation for the children.

Our partners

ECCH owes part of its success to the support of its partners.